It takes just one small action to change your life

You never wish to be a single parent, it just happens and sometimes its just out of your control.

What I discovered is that, what is in your control is,how you respond, how you define yourself and how you choose to live. See, we all have choice even if we don’t believe it.

You may not have chosen for your relationship to fail or your job to not work out, or that surprise bill to arrive in your mail box or life to feel so damn tough, but what you do have is choice as to how you live your life as a result.

I became a single mum but at that moment was when I chose that I deserved better and I was adamant that I would give myself and my children the best life I could.

I had no idea of the challenge that I had set myself up for.

By the time my daughters were 12 and 4 I was working in the corporate world in a great job, but I was away from home from 6am until some nights 7pm and my girls were being looked after by a day-care. My night consisted of throwing together some dinner, bathing kids, having as much conversation as I could fit in during the time between when I got home and them going to bed, making lunches for the next day, and then dropping into bed ready to do it all again in about 5 hours’ time.

I was living week to week and just surviving with school fees, uniforms, living expenses, fuel and car expenses. I had no time for my girls, and I just felt that no matter how hard I tried our lives just stayed the same.

The one thing I did have was determination and a thirst for knowledge. I learnt as much as I could from everyone around me in my corporate world and in fact all of my life, I learnt what I could. If there was a course being offered I did it no matter what it was. My philosophy was if I learnt it then I would always have it and one day I may just need it.

One day I came home from work and realised that my children needed not only my love but my quality time and I was heartbroken. It was then that I knew that I could not do this job anymore and that I had to quit and that’s exactly what I did the very next day. I handed in my resignation with 2 weeks’ notice.

2 weeks later as I walked out of the office I had a mild panic attack, what was I thinking!!! I had 2 children, and a home to run and now NO INCOME. What I did know was that I had 2 little people relying on me to show them that no matter what life throws, you should never give up. And that….. was the day I started my first business and the day I started to choose how I lived life.

That business served me for 17 years before I sold it. Both of my daughters at different stages worked within the business and it became our family success.

During those 17 years the income that was created gave me the opportunities to take my daughters on a life journey of travelling the world,learning skills which they use everyday, personal development and gave me the most important thing in life, my time to spend with them watching them grow.

It is my mission to show others in this world that you can have the life you deserve and I’m here to teach you how. Are you ready to start your journey with me now!!!.

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